Startup Weekend 2012 Teams


We are 51.75ish hours into the Startup Weekend and it’s coming down to the last push for many of the teams.

Below is a quick summary of each team – check out whats been happening here the past few long days filled with intense work,



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SharedBottle is a mobile app.  Intelligent wine recommendations with a social media twist. Be a wino!



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We enable you to search books by way more than title, author, or publisher. Do you like books about Medieval Battles in the 13th century? Or how about a novel written in the first-person that made the New York Times List? Next time you are looking for your next great read, find it at



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The recipe box



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Stay connected to your baby when you are out and the nanny is in!

Parents! Enjoy a more relaxing and longer night out while leaving your baby with the nanny.

  • SMS4Babies is a mobile app that will connect you with your nanny sending you pictures and updates on how the baby is doing. It will send the nanny reminders of the baby’s schedule.
  • The nanny will have up-to-date contact information, emergency contacts and special instructions..


Crystall Ball Trades

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Crystall Ball Trades – helping give small investors an edge on the analyst algorithms. We offer a customizable software that analyzes social media sentiment, and immediately detects market-moving events from sites such as Twitter, giving you, the average investor, a buy or sell recommendation before events even hit the news.

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NowWeRide is changing the face of urban cycling. Our mobile app and website allow cyclists to find a posse to ride with, no matter where they’re going. This means riders can find safety in numbers, access a huge community of fellow cyclists, and have a lot more fun living the two-wheel lifestyle.

NowWeRide also offers Rides for Good, bringing riders to a different non-profit every week-end for an hour of volunteering. And we will also organize regular Pedal Parties, sponsored by local bars and entertainment venues, to bring people together for safe night riding and partying.

Beyond making urban cycling fearless and fun, we also offer a way for small, local businesses, the famed engine of America’s recovery, to precisely target those affluent customers who commute close to them. We offer them flexible sponsorship options, and thanks to our app-based tracking, they can even use our innovative PPCustomer model, paying only for new customers who actually walk in the door. This risk-free system is what small businesses need.

Our ultimate goal is to make urban cycling safer so that thousands of new riders can join us. We work for a triple bottom line: Happier people, a healthier planet, and a healthy profit.

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Our premise is that individual homeowners are willing and able to save water and money if equipped with an easy solution.  We performed customer validation at a number of home improvement and gardening stores where the vast majority of folks said they’d be willing to pay around $50 for a hardware/software solution that would help them save money and water.  Our ideal sales channel would be directly through Denver Water because they already have an $8.4 million budget for water conservation in 2012.



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THYME is an iPhone APP that allows customers to interact directly with full-service restaurant without the need for getting the waitresses attention. Order food from the kitchen, order drinks from the bar, call your waitress, and even pay your bill directly from your table. All from the convenience of your own iPhone


InstaCrack (instaprops)


Instaprops is an app that aggregates all feedback (likes and comments) on your instagram images shared from instagram onto other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Flicker and Foursquare) and also allows you to share all of the comments together and receive additional feedback. Instaprops also provides conclusive statistics for all feedback across social media so the owner of the account can at-a-glance tell where they are receiving the most social engagement from their instagram images


CAD Mirror

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CADMirror is developing a platform that enables  collaboration between public safety entities to achieve one common goal of “saving lives” by using real time shared data to provide mutual aid, asset tracking and better response time to emergency calls. We are also collecting valuable data that will allow agencies to predict trends, capacity planning, route management and intelligent reporting to acquire public monies..


Studio List

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StudioList is a curated directory of the best iOS and Android developers for hire.  Think Angie’s List for studios specializing in mobile app development