What will YOU make of Startup Weekend?



Think of Startup Weekend as an extraterrestrial mothership that is unable to discriminate.  You turnin’ up your brow at me eh?  Startup Weekend comes from a galaxy like none other and seeks problem solvers, creatives and anyone that has an ounce of concern for our fellow man.  Some years Startup Weekend will capture minds and gumption so bright, an orb of jealousy is created between the Sun and Moon, they end up bickering and eclipsing each other. 😉

Wipe that smirk off your face, Startup Weekend is humanity’s think and link tank.  Here’s your bib, we’re preparing a grand showing that will even make your kiddos find a solution to their misplaced drooling.  I dare not kid, they will innovate while nestled in the corner of their tinkered crib.

Take a peek below of past participants and winners of Startup Weekend Denver 2012. Observe passionate gentlemen of water conservation, their humble beginnings started as H2Loco, fast forward to the present day, and they’re a company regulating your sprinkler water flow as Rach.io with Iro :)


-Adrian DeBarros