Birth of a Startup: Rach.io’s first winning pitch at StartupWeekendDenver4


What’s amazing about Startup Weekend is that you often get to see future success right as it’s born. Rachio makes a smart controller for your sprinkler system, that’s aware of your environment and controlled through wifi by your phone and tablet. It’s smart, green, and super-friendly. It’s now on sale at Home Depot. I can’t wait until mine arrives in June! And it started with a pitch on a Sunday in October 2012 in Denver. I know, I was there.

Rach.io called themselves H2Lo, then, and their idea was so smart, so useful, so well-researched and so compelling that it won first place, as it should. I was actually “defending my title”, as I’d been on the winning team for the two previous Startup Weekend Denver events. This time I was leading the team behind NowWeRide, and I’m proud that we came in second place behind Chris Klein’s team. 

I’ve since had the pleasure of watching Chris pitch Rachio a few times, at more and more impressive events and to ever larger crowds. I’ve seen how the lessons he learned at Startup Weekend are serving him to this day, as he goes around helping people save water, money, and the planet, with his brilliant idea.

Antoine Valot