Sponsor Spotlight: What Technical Integrity Means To Denver


Recruiters. They’re a key part of any startup community, helping connect employers to talent. Yet, let’s face it, they often get a bad rap. Why is that? The world of tech recruitment is fast-paced, very competitive, and often focused more on churn than mindfulness. Many recruiters are young, have little to no insight about the technological skills they hire for, and do their work as a numbers game: They spam people on LinkedIn and other professional networks, and hope for the best. This means employers end up with dozens of unqualified applicants, and talent gets bombarded by barely-relevant solicitations. This goes on month after month, year after year, because the economics of the industry make it profitable. But it also makes everybody involved miserable.

One Colorado firm looks beyond easy profits, and works tirelessly to change this sad state of affairs. Led by Dave Mayer, Technical Integrity is a talent company that combines professionalism, expertise, and high ethical standards, for results that are shockingly different from the run of the mill. Technical Integrity counts among its staff the illustrious Matt Bernier, a “recovering developer” and an old friend of Startup Weekend. Matt and Dave exemplify just the kind of skills that any smart startup should rely on when talent hunting: Flawless technical credentials, mature and hard-nosed professionalism, and deep first-hand experience of the subtle effects of personality and corporate culture.

Since Startup Weekend is a high-visibility, high-impact event for the Denver startup community, we organizers had the luxury to be picky about our sponsors. We contacted and pursued not a single technical recruitment firm in Colorado, apart from Technical Integrity. That is because we believe that TI stands apart from an industry that disappoints too often. TI is the recruiter we’d recommend to any startup, new or established, that wants to waste no time on ill-fitting candidates. Our Denver community is a big tent, where we help each other succeed, yet the only ushers we trust at the front door are Dave, Matt, and the staff of Technical Integrity.

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